Novel Business Communications Service

Many people think only of video conferencing as the means to communicate with video on the Internet. But it's chancy at best, because not everyone looks their best thinking and talking at the same time. Often times, they wish they hadn't talked in the first place.

But what if you could capture your thoughts, rehearse, and give a fluid performance in front of the camera - like a sales pitch! And what if the music was added, the titling, and it was assembled for you in minutes. You'd look great, get the point accross, and have a video worth sending to clients, customers, partners, and investors.

In short, a much better way to communicate in video. That's Valux MinutePitch .

TeleMuse Networks was the best choice to implement MinutePitch , because they implemented the ExecProducer Massive Video Production server array, and could boil it down to essentials a businessman can use.

Essentially a content management system thats triggered through a cut down version of ExecProducer 's narrative interface.

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