TeleMuse MVP ACE2004 Integration Featured
ACE2004 Massive Video Production paper features TeleMuse Expertise

TeleMuse Networks is proud to announce that a paper by ExecProducer reporting on the results of trials of its Massive Video Production technology with UC Berkeley has been accepted by the ACM SIGCHI International Conference on Advances in Computer Entertainment Technology in Singapore (June 2004). TeleMuse Networks provided the integration, datacenter expertise and connectivity to support the yearlong trials.

The ACE2004 Conference is considered the foremost international conference on cutting-edge entertainment technologies in online games, CGI movies, interactive TV, virtual reality, and animatronics. The participants range from academics and researchers to entertainment giants like Disney and Pixar. According to Gino Yu, General Chair of the conference and of Hong Kong Polytechnic University, "Entertainment applications are becoming the main factor driving innovation in digital technology". ExecProducer is proud to be a ACE2004 participant in this exciting and growing area of Massive Video Production digital entertainment.

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