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TeleMuse Networks, a division of TeleMuse Holdings, is a highly advanced technology company, specializing in special purpose networks and hosting, infrastructure and applications development for professional e-commerce and Internet content distribution firms. Our work has resulted in breakthrough products and technologies, patents and awards, and published papers, articles, and books throughout the world. Let us show you a few of our remarkable successes.

  • Worlds first Open Source OS CDROM

    We productized for Dr. Dobb's Journal the 386BSD Release 1.0 CDROM, whiche was a multiplatform (Windows, UNIX) self booting CDROM that contained not only the runnable OS and its source, but also rich commented annotations of the kernel and the article series it was documented in.

  • Novel Business Communications Service

    Many people think only of video conferencing as the means to communicate with video on the Internet. But it's chancy at best, because not everyone looks their best thinking and talking at the same time. Often times, they wish they hadn't talked in the first place.

    But what if you could capture your thoughts, rehearse, and give a fluid performance in front of the camera - like a sales pitch! And what if the music was added, the titling, and it was assembled for you in minutes. You'd look great, get the point accross, and have a video worth sending to clients, customers, partners, and investors.

    In short, a much better way to communicate in video. That's Valux MinutePitch .

  • TeleMuse MVP ACE2004 Integration Featured

    ACE2004 Massive Video Production paper features TeleMuse Expertise

    TeleMuse Networks is proud to announce that a paper by ExecProducer reporting on the results of trials of its Massive Video Production technology with UC Berkeley has been accepted by the ACM SIGCHI International Conference on Advances in Computer Entertainment Technology in Singapore (June 2004). TeleMuse Networks provided the integration, datacenter expertise and connectivity to support the yearlong trials.

    The ACE2004 Conference is considered the foremost international conference on cutting-edge entertainment technologies in online games, CGI movies, interactive TV, virtual reality, and animatronics. The participants range from academics and researchers to entertainment giants like Disney and Pixar. According to Gino Yu, General Chair of the conference and of Hong Kong Polytechnic University, "Entertainment applications are becoming the main factor driving innovation in digital technology". ExecProducer is proud to be a ACE2004 participant in this exciting and growing area of Massive Video Production digital entertainment.

  • Video Production Server Array

    TeleMuse Networks implemented from ExecProducer specification a novel Video Production server array. Scalable to millions of concurrent video productions, the array is a gigantic 3-tier client / server application that implements the ExecProducer Massive Video Production concept.

  • Jolitz Term Memory Patent

    Lynne Jolitz, Founding Partner of TeleMuse, has received a patent on semiconductor term memory. The Lynne Jolitz Term Memory Patent is a unique innovation over conventional content addressable memory.

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